Divine BBQ Octopus

Summer came knocking on our door this weekend. Cloudless blue skies and the temperature just kept rising, up to the 30 degrees Celsius mark. What better way to celebrate the early arrival of summer than to chill ourselves and the wine (in the salt water swimming pool) and crank’ up the barbie. 

In Mr K’s kitchen repertoire, barbequed octopus is high on the list, probably even number one. Over the course of many summers (and warm winters) Mr K has studiously researched traditional and modern recipes and perfected his delicious pool side dish. By boiling the octopus in a herby, winey stock, the octopus becomes beautifully tender and fleshy in the middle – and on the outside, the bbq treatment leaves it deliciously caramely and crunchy.  The octopus is best served hot, straight of the BBQ, meze style with a crisp Hunter Valley Semillon.  We followed up the octopus with some stuffed tomatoes and peppers, also grilled on the BBQ.

Our poolside BBQ was not just a lunch for two, but rather four.  Our charming next door neighbours, Chi and Min, kept us highly amused by popping their fluffy heads over the fence, letting out the odd friendly bleat and grazing on the tasty bougainvillea.  One could have been mistaken for thinking they were back in Greece.  If this is Spring, it’s going to be a marvelous summer!!!


  1. Oh that is making my mouth water. I adore octopus when it is cooked properly. Thanks so much for sharing this and I must say again, love your blog!


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