The Jack of Harts and Jude & Produce Market

It’s been a market kind of weekend! Today I had the pleasure to check out the very first, very lovely produce market hosted by the Jack of Harts and Jude.

Before I tell you all about the market – I have to tell you about this gorgeous cute, quirky, retro style café.  It is located in Engadine, a little suburb in Southern Sydney, which is bourgeoning new boutique style shops (including the very sweet “The Sisters” florist).

The café is located in the Waratah Arcade in the town centre.  Many years ago the arcade was home to a fantastic continental deli. I have very fond memories of the intoxicating aromas of home cooked hams wafting from the deli through the whole arcade. It is really wonderful to see such a passionate, food focused family creating a new legacy, just a few doors down from the old deli.

The café oozes vintage charm - from the 1950s laminex tables to the mismatched china and pastel printed bunting hanging brightly from the windows.  While the surrounds are delightful, the menu is just as enticing. With all organic produce, you are really spoilt for choice. It was a great challenge to choose between the South Australian mushrooms sautéed in butter with thyme or the French toast with caramelised apples, strawberries and vanilla bean ice cream. The award winning chorizo and broad bean bruschetta also looked amazing – and the coffee is excellent.  Next time you are heading South – I highly recommend you stop by this little gem.

Now to the market itself! There were delicious home made cakes on offer, olives, cheeses (including a very tasty ash rolled chevre), Paris Creek milk, yoghurt and butter, Berrima Ridge free range eggs and an outstanding local honey from Bangor “Lynton Honey”. There were also beautiful flowers from “The Sisters” and a great range of vintage crafts from tea cosies to aprons - all made out of vintage fabrics.

The highlight for me though was the amazing display of vivid greens and bright bulbs from the “Field to Feast” stall.  The absolutely charming stall owners, Cath and Hapi, had the most enticing array of herbs, including Southern European style leafy greens (Tuscan Kale, Purple Kale, Curly Kale…the list goes on) as well as bright purple, pink and white radishes – truly a feast for the eyes as well as the tastebuds!!

I couldn’t resist the healthful bunches of dandelions and elegant fronds of dill. On spying these two delights I was instantly transported back to my last trip to Crete where I tried a delicious dandelion pie. I had to buy one big bouquet to try and recreate this “pita” at home and another bunch for tomorrow night’s horta.  I also couldn’t resist the beautiful tiny radishes, which will be a lovely appetizer, dipped in a little Paris Creek butter with a sprinkle of fleur de sel. 

Congratulations must go to the Jack of Harts and Jude for organizing such a wonderful bounty on a sleepy Sunday morning. I really hope this produce market becomes a regular feature in what has become a re-energized and vibrant part of the local town. 


  1. hi mrs mulberry, I never knew about this cute little shop. Thank you for leading me to it. Fab site by the way, I could use some tips. Jen

  2. I love the name of your blog - we have a mulberry tree and two months ago I picked pomegranates straight off the trees walking to the sea on Hvar Island, Croatia. Your have a beautiful looking blog.

  3. This little place sounds divine. Love your blog too, keep up the great work!

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments - and sorry for the delay between posts!! The name for my blog was inspired by my father in law's garden - before we were married my husband used to bring my buckets of beautiful pomegranates from his father's trees - so delicious!! I've also spent many happy hours both sitting under the enormous Mulberry tree having lunch in the garden - as well as picking the fruit to make jams. The trees both have such a lovely connection with Greece too - I love the way nearly every home in Greece has a heaving pomegranate tree...and the way some streets are line with mulberry trees!


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