Blood Orange Sorbet & Mango Souffle

Trawling through some photos of my last trip to Italy, Florence in particular, I got all inspired by my memories of towering, luscious sorbet. Back at home blood oranges were coming to the end of their season and mangoes were just coming into season. What better way to celebrate both of these amazing fruits with a little simple Italian style blood orange sorbetto along side a fluffy light mango souffle. 

 The "Red Belly" blood oranges gave the sorbetto the most amazing bright campari colour. You may want to adjust the amount of sugar given in this recipe depending on the sweetness of your oranges. I also think the souffle would be excellent with some passionfruit thrown into the mix - just to add a touch of tartness to the sweetness of the mangos. All in all, it was a very glamorous dessert for a quiet Saturday night at home.


  1. Love the red belly products, including the marmalade and the cordial. Lovely recipes, thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for your complement on our 'Redbelly' Blood Oranges! We do our best in getting the colour to the max and flavours through the roof.


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