Poached seafood with herb & garlic mayonnaise (θαλασσινα με μαγιονεζα)

Sometimes there is nothing better than a simple classic. Flipping through my original 1950s edition of Tselementes, I came across his recipe for mayonnaise. It's not a dish that I commonly associate with the Greek kitchen - perhaps thought of when making the taverna favourite of 'Russian salad.'

In any event, Mr Tselementes' mayonnaise is a lovely accompaniment to simply poached seafood. Especially when it is cranked up a notch in the flavour stakes with the addition of some soft herbs. This dish makes a perfect weekend lunch for family and friends, when the sun is shinning and the rose is chilled.

Poached seafood with herb & garlic mayonnaise  (θαλασσινά με μαγιονέζα)

Serves 4


Seafood of your choice e.g: 
12 mussels
250g scallops on the shell
500g prawns 
4 salmon fillets 
250 ml white wine
250 ml fish stock
2 bay leaves 
Pinch of saffron 
Handful of black peppercorns

Herb mayonnaise:
4 egg yolks
4 garlic cloves, crushed 
1 tablespoon of chopped chives
1 tablespoon of chopped parsley 
1 tablespoon of lemon juice 
200 ml EVOO 

lemon wedges and crudities to serve 


1. To make the mayonnaise: put the egg yolks, crushed garlic, herbs and lemon juice in the bowl of a food processor and mix until smooth and creamy. Add the oil, drop by drop, from the tip of a teaspoon until the mixture begins to thicken. Then, start to add the rest of the oil in a very thin stream. 

2. Put the wine, stock, saffron, bay leaves and peppercorns into a deep frying pan and bring to a slow simmer. Poach your chosen seafood in batches. Serve on a platter with some in season crudities (radishes, fennel slices, baby carrots etc) and lemon wedges. I like to place the bowl of mayonnaise in the centre of the platter. 

Note: Keep the poaching liquid to use as a soup stock. 

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