In Season: early Garlic

So it’s still cold enough for soup, but there is the slightest hint of jasmine on the morning air – signaling that the time for lighter “Zen” food is just around the corner. Still inspired by my Francophile leanings of the weekend, a light, warming saffron and garlic soup seemed like the perfect solution for a chilly Tuesday evening. 

This Saffron and Garlic soup takes it’s inspiration from the Aigo Boulido or traditional “Boiled Water” Soup of Provence.  If you take a local’s word for it, the soup is a cure all and will nip in the bud anything that ails you. 

At this time of the year it is a delicious solution to ward off any lingering winter colds or flu that may be snapping at your heels – and a perfect use of the early season garlic on display at your local market.  A restorative balance to the rich and heavy meals of winter, pack away the winter blankets and take in a deep breath as you smell that spring time jasmine.

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