Bazaar Feast

 Today, I was inspired for a little bit of ‘hybrid” meze, what I like to call my Bazaar Feast. The dips, sweet beetroot with a faint aniseed hit from the dill and the almost caramel sweetness of the carrot dip balances beautifully with the tangy-ness of the yoghurt. They are perfect with some flat bread, rubbed lightly with olive oil and lightly toasted.

Some lovely grilled slices of haloumi with a good squeeze of lemon were a welcome addition and the chopped chives give a subtle hint of savoury onion.  Mr K also whipped up a lovely batch of BBQ baby octopus, which he had marinated with honey, rigani and red wine. I saved the leafy tops of the beetroot and after a quick blanching, dressed them with a rich fruity olive oil and balsamic vinegar. 

A dish of small, bright red, sweet strawberries with a couple of dark chocolate squares was the perfect finish to our “bazaar feast”. 

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