Braised broad beans and artichokes

Today’s market was absolutely heaving with plump broad beans and purple streaked artichokes. This lush spring bounty was best accompanied with some fruity olive oil which we had bought back from the Ionian Islands, the intriguing purple or “black carrots” that I stumbled upon at the markets the day before (and I had no idea what to do with!!!) and the healthy crop of dill that has been growing in our garden.  This recipe is based on a similar traditional dish that we had earlier this year in Olympia – which was utterly delicious after an afternoon and early evening exploring the poignant site of ancient Olympia.  It is best served with a plate of olives of your choice and some cubes of feta – the saltiness cuts through the sweet flavours of the braised vegetables and the aniseedy hints of the dill. 

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