Snapper and dill pie

On a recent trip to Ireland, there was many a cozy little pub that offered a tempting fish pie on their menu.  None more so than at stunning Dingle Bay. It was not until our return to Australia, that I had the chance to both try and then experiment with making my own fish pie. There are lots of fabulous variations – you can add a fluffy topping of whipped mashed potato instead of the chat potato slices, also you could use some firm cod fillets or salmon in preference to the snapper – use what you prefer or what is in season. I chose to serve this fish pie with a lovely light salad of baby beetroot leaves and rocket, along with a delightful chilled Chablis.  A tasty fish pie is welcome addition to warm you up on a chilly winters day, as well as being a being a scrumptious spring delight!

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