Sugarplum, blueberry and summer fig clafoutis

Do you have a foolproof, emergency, go to dessert that works every time? I think most people have one in their repertoire. Mine is the clafoutis. It is such a simple dessert, which basically consists of popping some custardy batter over a pile of fruit in a buttered baking dish. 

This classic baked dessert is traditional in the Limousin region of France, made during the cherry season with lots of plump little black-ruby gems. If you were to ask baking purists, you would be told not to remove the stones from the cherries, as these release a bitter almond flavour during the cooking.

Not being a baking purist myself, I feel rather happy to throw any kind of fruit into the mix - but my all time favourite has to be this lovely mix of sugarplums, blueberries and figs. I don't feel as though I have strayed to far off course with this lovely mix of summer fruits, as the Limousin region of France is home to many varied orchards of plums, prunes, apples - not to mention the berries! However, to be technically correct when fruits other than the lovely Limousin cherry is used, the dessert is properly called a flaugnarde. But enough of the technical correctness. 
To capture a little bit of the bitter almond spirit of the clafoutis, I also like to add a tiny splash of sweet, hazelnutty frangelico liqueur. I absolutely adore this little Italian number and it always seems to find a prominent spot in our bar during summer time. Nothing can't beat with some ice and a great big spritz of lime on a balmy summer evening while the cicadas are chirping away in the dusky light.

While the frangelico is a nice accompaniment to the sugarplum clafoutis, a lovely chilled glass of toasty french champagne is also a luxurious match. Along with the french bubbles, I also like to serve my clafoutis with some fresh summer berries like raspberries or blackberries, which have that nice little sour zingy note against the custard batter base. This summer, I have also discover Maggie Beer's divine Vanilla and Elderflower ice-cream. A big scoop alongside the clafoutis is just that final dash of summer to the plate, but you could use any type of ice cream you like, or skip it altogether. 


  1. Absolutely divine. No other words needed!

  2. that looks really good.

  3. Lizzy siad it best of all. Divine.
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