South Coast Gourmet Produce Market

First came the Jack of Harts and Jude in Engadine, then came little brother Left Bower in nearby Sutherland. At these two vintage-styled cafes the Hart family demonstrably show genuine love and care for where their produce comes from. Just ask and you will be told who grew the fruit and vegetables in your salad, the name of the farmer who produced the milk in your coffee - right down to whether the coffee plant (from which the beans have been air-roasted) was stressed.



Now the Hart family are moving further South and a new venture is planned for the Old Post Office in Thirroul on Sydney's South Coast. In the meantime, the Hart's have established a Gourmet Produce Market on the site, showcasing a line-up of the family's favourite foodies and local producers.





In the same vintage styling as the two cafes, on our visit the market was dotted with faded 70s floral beach umbrellas and lines of bunting, made from little lace doilies and cute vintage print fabrics.



The Market offered a range of fruit and veggies, South coast wines, olive oils, Jack of Harts coffee and breakfast and lunch rolls, Paddy the baker sourdough, local eggs and honey, Devonshire tea, homemade jams and preserves. The cute lemonade stall and home made cakes really injected the market with a retro vibe and it reminded my very much of the school fetes of my childhood.






Adding to the bright, cheery vintage vibe were a great selection of handmade crafty items, including Micaela's macramé herb hangers, sweet vintage print bows, vintage tea towel cushions, lingerie and more!!




If you are inspired by the retro and vintage styling of the markets then you should also stop by retrowombat, which is located just nearby the market, and take home a treasure to complement your macramé herb hanger and capture your own vintage style.



Hart's Gourmet Produce Market

The Old Post Office, Thirroul

Third Sunday of every month



  1. Gorgeous photos. I love a cafe that can tell me where their produce comes from - it truly shows they care about what they're providing to customers...and who's supplying it.

  2. Oooh, how delightful! This is on my must visit list. Thanks so much for sharing xo

  3. WOw! great pics...where are those amazing local organic carrots from? !


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