Melon and feta salad (Σαλατα με πεπoνι και φετα)

A change from the usual watermelon, this super quick, cooling summer meze uses melon. Any type of melon works for this recipe too - depending on the season. As this salad is really quick to throw together and very simple, it does rely on having an absolutely ripe melon that is full of flavour. If there is no aromatic scent from the melon - choose another one! A spicy but smooth Greek feta, made from a blend of sheep and goat's milk is also important for this dish. The piquant saltiness of good Greek feta works so well against the sweet melon. However, the success of this dish depends on a really good quality black pepper, freshly ground, and a very peppery, green young olive oil - any extra expense will be worth it! Serve outdoors on a warm summer night as a simple starter or along with a few other small mezedes, accompanied of course by a very chilled glass of ouzo. 

Melon and feta salad (Σαλάτα με πεπόνι και φέτα)

Serves 6


1 ripe melon (honeydew or rockmelon - whichever is ripest)  
200g spicy Greek sheep and goat's milk feta
2-3 limes, cut into wedges
freshly ground black pepper
olive oil 


1. Chill the plates or platter you will use. Halve the melon and discard the seeds. Cut into slices. 

2. Add slices of melon to chilled plate, along with a slice of feta and a wedge of lime along side. Sprinkle over freshly ground black pepper and a good drizzle of peppery, green olive oil. 

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