Ma's Kitchen: Seafood indulgence

Saturday was a day of happy memories. As the warm, spring sun shone brightly, we decided it was a day for seafood – and French white wine.

 On every trip to Paris we have always found an excuse for big juicy oysters and Sancerre and the obligatory sweet moule with pungent garlic. None more so than on our honeymoon in Paris and Provence. Channeling those happy lazy spring days in Paris and Southern France, we enjoyed some beautiful Coffin Bay oysters and a crisp, mineral filled Sancerre in a warm sunny corner of the garden. As a total indulgence, we followed up the oysters with a lovely pot of mussels, steamed with garlic, wine and thyme.  Happy days!! We’re hoping to return to Paris next year – and would love to hear your tips for the best place for moule in Paris!!

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