Friday night meze

Brrrrrr. Sydney what happened?? All that glorious spring weather and now you have plunged us into winter again. What is a girl to do on a dark, drizzly Friday evening? Whip up a few memories of summer in the form of some tasty meze and pour oneself and ouzo….(or two). 

The recipe for today’s tzatziki has, I’m sure, at least 100 layered years of history. It is the result of various recipes given to me by a number of Greek mothers – which they had passed to them by their mothers and grandmothers
This brings me rather neatly to the answer of a question I was asked today. Why the blog? Why Greek food in particular? Well. I look at my beautiful mother in law and I see an amazing woman who has kept a link to the life she left behind in Greece, alive in her kitchen. She has passed her history and her culture into the hearts of her family with her incredibly delicious, time perfected food. I feel very privileged to have become part of such a rich culture – and though the wonderful Mr K would always remind me how wonderful my own cultural traditions are, for me this blog is a little way of helping to keep that link alive so that we may add many more layered years of history. 


  1. Lovely to find your blog... At first glance it appears we share a love of intertwined food and culture :) like you, I too feel so fortunate to have strong, charismatic family members who have kept alive in me our Middle Eastern heritage.

    Looking forward to seeing more around here!

  2. Thanks Yasmeen and congrats on your 100th post! Wow!! Looking forward to reading more about your favorite Arabic family heirloom dishes and your tips for Melbourne. Such an incredible city!!!


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